Empress Ryonia Coruscare

Hi there!
I am an enby, go by they/them or she/her, and you can find me via the various links below.

Serenity Prayer (modified):
Luna, give me courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other.

Sona Info:

Ryo is the Queen of a Kingdom she founded after falling through a portal into another universe. Where before the portal she was a male human, some flowers on the other side of the portal transformed her into a male unicorn of the pony species. Going by Ryonez at first, the then he starting exploring and learning, finding he was in Equestria, and eventually earned attention of the princesses who got him to work for them.
During this time he continued to learn. From the flowers he first landed in he created powders, different flowers making different powders with various effects. With these he changed forms over time. From a unicorn he became a unicorn/vampire mixed breed. During his time with the princesses, he earned a boon of them, and used this to claim the land where he first entered the world. It was granted, and he founded the Kindom of Alteria, and started the long work of building it's capital Sildwin. During this time he shifted forms again, becoming an Alicorn with mild vampire traits. As centuries started to pass, the kingdom became a major hub for the planet, not just as the sole creator and exporter of powders, but as a hub with links and doorways to other planets and universes, and with this a rich place to learn magic and technology with a renowned university.
This kingdom was also shaped to be very open and welcoming. With their King being rather lewd, and being the center of all things powders and transformation, the Kingdom is very open when it comes to sexual matters, with things in place to help creatures safely enjoy their fetishes. Each culture added their own uniqueness to the city as well, bringing their own knowledge and customs as portals connected to those willing.
Finding limits even with his Alicorn form, Ryonez began work to craft a new form for himself, a new species that would allow him to keep growing and learning. A form like gel was created, allowing him to freely change form as he wished, and one that had the potential to grow without limit. After some time with this form he made some changes to the shape he normally kept, taking a more feminine form, keeping only the downstairs equipment from his male form as he became more comfortable with being non binary. With this he also went from Ryonez to Ryonia, and from King to Queen (then eventully to Empress), he to she, though the citizens trip up still now and then. Ryo doesn't mind to much though, often smiling at the poor offender.

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